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World-class ticketing and issue tracking system to help you deal with issues and incidents

From the moment the incident is raised to its resolution, our ticketing system will be there so you can be focused on the issue and engaged with the customer.

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Centralized issue tracking system

Give better support, get happier customers

Capture your customers’ issues in a centralized system and keep track of them until resolution.
Time is money, and downtime is money lost for your business. Let us automate issue tracking so that you can be focused on problem solving.
Netflare provides the ability to access your issues quickly, easily and as often as you would like, on a multitude of platforms from your computer, mobile app or Slack to keep you connected and up-to-date.

Automated triaging

Triage based on urgency

Set priorities on your issues to create the appropriate sense of urgency, and Netflare will help you triage your list based on the problem that needs the most attention.
Setup workflows to automatically page your teams as tickets are created or updated, to get the right people on the issue as soon as it occurs.
Integrates with Netflare Alarm to monitor your service infrastructure to automatically generate tickets and alert your teams before your customers feel the pain.

Collaborate on resolving the issue

Consolidate your communication

Consolidate all your communications in a single place, collaborate with your co-workers on resolving the issue, and keep stakeholders up-to-date on progress.
Netflare provides stakeholders real time updates on the latest comments and resolutions on tickets that matter to them.
Subscribe to tickets that you care about and get notified through our paging system on the progress of the ticket. Bookmark important tickets to easily find them again.

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