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The heartbeat of your web presence

Pulse monitors your website and API uptime and response time, so you can fix issues before they affect your customers.

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Keep your website and API up and running

Pulse is a web monitoring tool that ensures your web host is responsive and functioning as expected. It periodically pings your web pages or API endpoints and checks the output and response time for any issues.
Pulse is simple to set up and get started. All you need to do is provide us with the endpoint, and we take care of the rest.
When Pulse detects a problem with your website or API, it alerts you through Netflare Pager and helps you document the outage with Netflare Ticket. With Pulse, you can resolve issues faster and minimize downtime.


Ensure content integrity with content checking

Pulse performs deep output checks on your web pages or API endpoints to verify that the content is as expected. It can detect any changes or errors in the content and alert you accordingly.
Pulse monitors the response time of your web pages or API endpoints to assess how fast they load and respond. It can detect any slowdowns or timeouts that may affect your user experience and keep you informed.
Pulse allows you to choose the region from which to ping your web pages or API endpoints. This way, you can better represent your customer base and ensure that your website or API is accessible and responsive in different locations.

Failure detection

Avoid false-positive alerts with double-checking failures

Pulse double-checks any failures before sending you an alert. This way, you can avoid false-positive alerts that waste your time and resources.
Pulse lets you customize how often you want to check your web pages or API endpoints. You can choose from one minute to every day, depending on your preferences and requirements.
Pulse captures screenshots of your web pages every time it pings them. These screenshots let you see what went wrong and when, so you can easily debug the issue.

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