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Problem-solving is a team sport

Moe Majeed (mmajeed@netflare.dev) | Sun May 15 2022

Effective communication is crucial in resolving major events as a software engineer. While it may be tempting to rely on tools like IDEs and dev tools, the most valuable tool during an incident is often the platform for communication. This is because a significant amount of time is often spent coordinating with colleagues, connecting with downstream teams, and updating stakeholders. In my experience, poor communication can greatly hinder resolution. I recall one incident where a message was distorted each time it was passed from one team to another, leading to a solution that didn't match the original advice. This ended up wasting two hours of my time during a critical event and requiring even more time from the original expert to obtain the correct information. This could have been avoided if the original communication had been documented in a central location.

When developing Netflare Ticketing, we wanted to create a modern messaging platform that could facilitate effective communication and help users efficiently deal with issues. One feature we included was the ability to use emoji reactions in group conversations. Emojis allow for lightweight communication and can help group common thoughts, reducing the amount of noise in a conversation. This is especially useful during incidents involving multiple people, as it allows critical or meaningful messages to be elevated above less important ones.

Overall, we believe that Netflare Ticketing's features, including emoji reactions, can help users bake effective communication practices directly into their process and resolve issues in a timely manner. To see more of what we've built, check out Netflare Ticketing.

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